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Do you think you may need a little help with advanced mathematics?

Are you having great difficulty understanding advanced math problems?

Interested in a 100% money back guarantee for tutoring?

Defence Aptitude has been providing tutoring services for over 7 years. We have the most specialized and the most successful program on the market.


Our expert tutors will assist you to understand the most complex problems. We are able to provide tutoring to anyone, anywhere in Australia. In addition we also tutor applicants who are interested in Fire, Police and other government services testing in the area of testing and advanced mathematics.

We deliver the tutoring through free downloadable voice chat and virtual blackboard software. You are able to ask questions just like having a tutor being in your physical location and get classroom style teaching through a virtual whiteboard.

Tutor Benefits:

– Be able to gain additional assistance with our course when you need it by a tutor who is already familiar with the content.
– You don’t have to spend extra finances on driving to and from a tutoring centre.
– Learn from the comfort of your own home.
– Unlock your full learning potential.
– Masters and Bachelor qualifies Tutors provide instruction and are experts in their fields.

Booking a session.
The sessions can be booked when you enrol into the course online. Simply call us or speak to us on live chat to make the booking. Bookings can be booked in 1 hour packages.

Booking fees.
You need not pay excessive tutoring fees of $100’s per hour; We have product bundles that include tutoring in your all in one solution.

Money back guarantee.
Our tutoring services come with a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied after 1 hour of tuition we will completely refund 100% of your tutoring costs.


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